Just learning about Unbound Life?Unbound Life is a workshop that helps families get organized, unite, and get on mission together. 
How does an Unbound Life work?
Explore the videos and resources below for an introduction to Unbound Life. 
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All About Cards

Cards are simple ways of representing work. Each thing you want to do is captured on a card (we use post-it's). These cards help us know what we need to do.


The Kanban Board

The Kanban board is a simple way to organize our cards. We use it to help communicate with our families.

The Daily Standup

The Daily Standup is a 3-15 minute conversation designed to ensure your family is starting the day on the same page.

Example Agenda

Weekly Planning as a Couple

Planning as a Couple is a time for you and your spouse to get aligned about the week and the things you want to get done. 

Example Agenda

Weekly Family Planning

Weekly Family Planning is a time for the entire family to look at calendars and make sure you're ready to tackle the week together.

Example Agenda

Retrospective (Retro)

Retro is a regular conversation with your whole family where you talk about what's working, what's not working, and take suggestions from everyone for building a better family.

Example Agenda

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