The Theil Family

Hello! We are the Theil family. My wife Angie and I have three kids age 13, 16, and 18. We’ve homeschooled our kids their entire lives and have all sorts of bumps and scrapes to prove it.

As a family, we move as a team and we get excited about helping other families do the same. Whether it’s cleaning the house, going on a backpacking adventure, or building a fence, we’re intentional about doing it as a unit.

We think life is better in a team and family is designed to be our first and primary team. And because of that, I’m not going to lie, it makes me just a little sad to see our “little ones” growing up. I know we’re still young, but we still look forward to our children’s children and the joy of seeing another generation take root in this world.

While we move as a unit, each of us loves exploring different areas of life too. Angie is an amazing gardener and can coax the most fragile plants back to health with her deep, caring spirit. Hayley brings gifts of order, structure, and justice to everything she does – often seeing the things in people and relationships that nobody else can see. Sam runs his own lawn mowing business and uses his prolific profits to share his love for remote control planes with each of us (and especially me!). Madison has a love of story that few people get to enjoy – investing time in the stories told by music and words. She’s a classical pianist who already has her own students she’s already helping to fall in love with music. And, these days, you’ll find me thinking about how we can do something differently as a family to get the grandparents more intentionally involved or maybe to invest more intentionally in our Sabbath day of rest. Either way, I’m thinking about this family we’re building and how we can do it just a little better.

We believe community and reproducing yourself matters, so we’ve surrounded ourselves with young families that are living more intentionally. We also do our best to learn from and be trained by families that have gone before us. Our lives are richer and full of more meaning because we celebrate together, think together, and experience pain together. We’re not great at it by any means, but every day is an opportunity to care for and build into the people around us.

We live a life of rhythm, believing that the most important things get our time and that when we say no to one good thing, we get the luxury of saying yes to more wonderful things. Every morning, we gather for breakfast together to explore some scripture, then talk about what’s happening for the day. Every week we gather to plan the week, covering our mission, vision, calendar and work for the week. We also hold 1-to-1 conversations with each other every week – we’ve found no better way to get into the heart of our kids and we’re thankful for the families that have given these wonderful gifts! These rhythms and more are great helps in building a life that we love to live.

And while it's a rhythm we hold loosely, we love to get out into the woods and do some exploring. For us, there's nothing like a Saturday morning in the backcountry when you wake with nothing to do but spend time with each other and enjoy the moment.

Finally, we think of life as a series of experiments, each of which helps us get one day better. Like hopping these rocks, there's no right path and none of us really knows what we’re doing, but success comes from our ability to respond to mistakes, then adjust as we learn. It’s something we try to live in every area of our lives and are excited to share with other families.

By Rich Theil


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