Bubble Tea, Big Dogs, & an Unbound Life

Well hello there, we are the Cradducks.

Well hello there, we are the Cradducks, Paul and Kathryn to get on a first name basis. We love to explore life together - from backpacking mountains to wandering big cities to the growth we’ve found in the collection of brave, creative, straight-talking people we’ve managed to gather around us. We consider ourselves bubble tea connoisseurs, which basically just means each city we travel to this is one of the first things we type into our phones & we have drank way too many high calorie, chewy drinks in our potentially now shorter lifetime.

Along with bubble tea, we have a passion for marriages to thrive and people to walk in financial freedom. We believe singles should be a more valued part of our communities and just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you can’t mother & father others in all the well intended loving, growing kind of ways.

We spent several years fighting each other’s differences and not seeing them as gifts for our household. I (Kathryn) like starting 100 things, drive to add more, bring as many people into the process as possible, and make sure a trip is planned in the near future. Paul usually has more of a steady and stable approach, along with a desire for single-threaded tasks accompanied by minimal deep questions being asked while doing something like tackling the kitchen remodel. He will process decisions slowly, but when he commits to doing something he is all in. Now 11+ years into this marriage thing and after nearly falling apart a few times we’ve crafted a foundation we can’t wait to keep building on.

Our journey with kids is long and complicated, so we’ll save that for another day. Basically, we think kids are awesome, we hope to add them to our family someday, somehow, and we think life is pretty great getting to invest in people and kiddos around us in the meantime.

We believe life is lived best in community and our favorite way to have our home is with people in it. We are weirdly happy when we come home and find others in our home, even though they don’t actually live there and of course they aren’t wearing a mask with a pillow case of Paul’s electronic gadgets. We have had 5 roommates live with us including one right now and we are planning to move soon so we can have more space for others. Oh and more room for the earthquake type of wiggly joy from our current pup Meeka.

We dig getting work done and sometimes through the years have lost ourselves in our careers. We now fight to keep a healthy rhythm of rest, work, serving, connection, community, and play.

However, it was bringing things we were learning and doing well at work into our home, we finally starting to move forward together and things started getting done not just started. We began having regular conversations about how things were going and aligning on what is important to each of us so we could be on the same page. We started to get more done, but by first focusing on getting on the same page. We’ve learned a ton along the way about how to get organized, united, and on mission as a household and we love getting to share any bits and pieces that could help others do the same.

Unbound Life to us is a tangible way to live our passion of seeing marriages thrive and all people to walk in freedom.

By Kathryn Cradduck


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