Unbound Life is about equipping your family to be organized, united, and on mission.

We believe home is the strongest foundation for creating an economy of thriving in our communities, so we designed Unbound Life to help strengthen & unite families around their household work.

Our families joined together to build a business helping organizations be stronger, healthier teams and we realized we were teaching people to do at work what we had separately been doing in our homes for years.  


Unbound Life is simply us sharing how we learned to shift our mindset about our household work, made more powerful with a visual way of representing the work + a series of conversations to help us communicate about our household.


Our approach starts with an assumption that none of us really knows what’s life is going to throw at us next, so let’s build our life in a way that adapts to change and allows us to intentionally grow as a household team.

household work mindset shift

visual way of representing our work

a series of conversations to help us communicate

Hello, we are the Theils.

About 6 years ago, life was overwhelming us and in a desperate search for a solution, I began taking things I learned about leadership at work and reapplying them in our home. Angie thought I was crazy.

Over time we developed a way of thinking that takes the best things we know about running a team and brings them into our home. Unbound Life is the result of that work and we hope your family experiences that same kind of deep life transformation.

My wife Angie and I have three amazing kids on our team ranging from 13 years old to 18 years old. We are backpackers and gardeners and musicians and engineers.


We push our lives hard for the sake of the Kingdom, knowing that the community of people we so deeply love are on the same mission of expanding the Kingdom by living the Gospel and the Great Commission.


Hello there, we are Paul & Kathryn

We love to explore life - from backpacking mountains to wandering big cities to the growth we’ve found in the collection of brave, creative, straight-talking people we’ve managed to gather around us.


We spent several years fighting each other’s differences and not seeing them as gifts for our household. Now 11+ years into this marriage thing and after nearly falling apart a few times we’ve crafted a foundation we can’t wait to keep building on.

Our journey with kids is long and complicated, so we’ll save that for another day. Basically, we think kids are awesome, we hope to add them to our family someday, somehow, and we think life is pretty great investing in people and kiddos around us in the meantime.  


Unbound Life to us is a tangible way to live our passion of seeing marriages thrive and all people to walk in freedom.

If you'd like to learn more check out our about us blog post, https://www.unboundlife.com/post/bubble-tea-big-dogs-an-unbound-life

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